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Hello readers, let’s go purple (you can google it’s significance.)

Ever went through heartbreak or have been insulted?

Fought low self esteem?

How easy it is for some people to break down your heart, to instigate you to deliberately hurt yourself.

Somewhere down that thin line it was always needed. Wonder you, your heart is scientifically the strongest organ that never rests, it remains alive even when you die. How can someone really break it?

You allowed.

Do you really love yourself enough? Then why this self harm, sleepless nights, long texts, 24*7 talking about him etc. Is it really worth it?

Wanna breathe…oooohhhh! Grab a pizza and read this.

After you’re done thank him/her for making you way too stronger and adding spices to your life.

Come on! Let’s restart.

The tables have turned I ain’t making an effort ’cause I ain’t your leftover.

It’s interesting you came back but I was a kid and I’d say for one last time, one for you. Ain’t sure I loved you anyway. Continue reading “Leftovers”

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Truth Is Beyond Your Emotions

Friendship is an ideal relationship. The one whom you call as your friend can be called as an acquaintance, know the difference. I’m not being negative I’m just being practical. In this real world nobody is your real friend. Loyalty changes with needs and memories are lost with time. Continue reading “Truth Is Beyond Your Emotions”