Hey guys! Let’s talk something about why I started this blog and why I’m still stuck here happily.

I’m Priyanka Singh but I started writing as Ahaana and the reason behind this is, I, initially wanted to hide my real identity. I was somewhere scared of revealing my vulnerable side yet I wanted to tell people how do I face it but today, when I look back I think my journey has been amazing I’ve evolved as a happier and way too stronger girl.

So here I am, an engineering student from India. Writing is my passion and I also love to paint my thoughts, dancing in the shower and think in the washroom.

I believe life is too short and we should make the most of it. We meet different characters and all of them are a part of this blog, described in the shadow of literary devices and stories.

This blog is a very interesting journey of my life. I’ve been exploring myself and people around me. I’ve found the key to celebrate life by controlling my sub-conscious mind.

Come! Read my happy and painful days and let me know yours.

Trust me it’s going to be amazing and worth smiling about.

Love you all and wish you a very happening life ahead.

Live differently Live unplugged