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A Life Less Ordinary

Lately, I’ve been looking at this life like a grapevine. Like a grapevine you’ve to push yourself up to go swinging in a vine and to keep on making an effort for not falling down like Tarzan did to jump from tree to tree, you do to jump from chapter to chapter and remember, don’t ever return.

It’s unfortunate that the story of us just revolves around tears, years and fears. Why do we need to choose a path that gives nothing but pain.

Tell me what’s wrong in choosing what keeps us happy.

Tell me what’s wrong with skipping things which you just don’t want even if you’re strong enough.

And tell me what’s wrong in not trying to show your mental strength to people when you know you’re strong.

The weakest phase in my life is someone’s moment of pleasure. My emotional breakdown is someone’s source of happiness. You know who? The one for whom I wrote-

When I Met An Incomplete Soul

Even then I won’t delete this post because this won’t stop me from looking forward. I just take this as a fiction now.

One important lesson I want to share with you guys before we enter 2019.

Never let anyone do yourself a favour. Even if they’re very close to you and it doesn’t sound like a favour then. Whatever be the circumstances, just don’t let them do that not because of your ego or something. Follow this because you never know when someone will use that moment to bring you down and trust me you won’t like it.

If someone needs help, help them but don’t get too much involved in someone else’s pain, happiness and priorities that you forget yours because when you selflessly do something for someone and you’re left alone in a miserable way when you truly need help, you’ll feel bad for doing something good.

Forgive not to forget but to wink at karma, “hey, the job is yours now” but if you don’t believe in karma then please go for a payback and remember, Tit for Tat, neither less than the pain nor more. Do this not to feel relieved but to let them know how it feels. Don’t be surprised if they don’t feel sorry for their doings because people never really change.

Never suppress yourself. Express what you feel without caring what if it may not impress. I’m very social but currently in my life I’ve chosen to give myself some space to see if people are good enough for me because I truly love myself and I can’t allow just anyone to taste my friendship. I would rather choose aloneness than choosing loneliness eventually.

The most beautiful thing in the world isn’t made up of objects. It’s the strength of a person who has seen the collapse of their world. Everything they held dear crashing down in a million pieces yet every morning they wake up and restart.

Someday something will go terribly wrong. One day everything will be fine. Our lives swing between that one day and someday. So why do we worry about it everyday. When the sky loses a sun to the ocean during sunset, it’s the start of a new day. Accept change it doesn’t happen often for the most of us. For me personally change is the ultimate source of adventure it gives me a sense of new beginnings.

Always have eyes that sees the best and a heart that forgives the worst. And please be kind for this is something a lot of people can never be. Be honest, genuine, fearless. Fight for the rights. Make real friends and have fun. Be a human and live a life less ordinary.

A year changes a lot for change is the wave that shapes our way to the final destination. And don’t worry if some changes are the result of someone’s inhuman acts as they say what goes around comes back around. It’s about the survival of the fittest♥️

Life Goes On!

Here’s to 2019.

More posts to mark footprints towards 2019. Stay connected♥️


19 thoughts on “A Life Less Ordinary

  1. Greetings,
    I am from the HarperCollins team. We have been reading and reading again your posts from past few weeks.
    Let’s get to the point, would you like to publish your first book from our publishing house.
    0120 404 4800

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    1. That’s a big thing for me right now. I’m overwhelmed. I need some time to think if I can stand on your expectations or not. I’ll call you anytime before 10th Dec.


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