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Deals With The Devil


Hey, silvered-tongued devils, y’ll gotta protect yourself ’cause I ain’t gonna be there but karma.

Hey, opportunists, I know y’ll really need me but find another prey I ain’t got time anymore.

Hey, zany devils, I’ve realized my fault too early and in the end we all die alone.

Devil, when I had angel inside me I found one in you too.

I let my hand hold thine.

When I had the crowd looking for mine.

Close your eyes and remember the past time.

You’ll see why today my heart is ravine.

Wasn’t ever attached to you

Yet felt estranged.

Too old at heart to get hurt

You are replaceable, it’s a no brainer.

Hey ya’, yes ya’

Saw future with you but you tried killing mine

Guess you’d like to know my blood comes with freaking sunshine.

One with an innocent face,

You’ve been living in a mirage.

A world of fantasies.

I wish those were true.

But the hate has been so evolving that the angel in me died.

And somehow Satan, you survived.

Honestly, this side of yours is like a bed with thorns

Obviously, devil doesn’t always comes with red horns.

I ain’t so scared of letting people go.

Let my walls go higher

I’ve survived depression for years

Fought negativity for years

Experiences matters, climb higher.

I’ll stay slow, go fast

Play first, lose last

One step, checkmate

It’s all skill, no fate.

I was once an angel

So don’t ya’ worry much

I usually destroy what destroys me

But hats off! Changing me wasn’t so easy.

So nobody ever told ya’

How it was gonna be.

So what’ll happen to ya’?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Mercy on you, it’s your loss.

It’s a no brainer.

Devil, you’re on the last line, I found hell.

Traits do rub off.

This post is in no way intending to spread negativities. It’s just trying to teach the readers y’all got to invest less in people and love yourself a little harder. Whenever you get hurt by someone really close to you don’t hurt them back, WRITE.


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