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Hello readers, let’s go purple (you can google it’s significance.)

Ever went through heartbreak or have been insulted?

Fought low self esteem?

How easy it is for some people to break down your heart, to instigate you to deliberately hurt yourself.

Somewhere down that thin line it was always needed. Wonder you, your heart is scientifically the strongest organ that never rests, it remains alive even when you die. How can someone really break it?

You allowed.

Is it really worth it?

The tables have turned I ain’t making an effort ’cause I ain’t your leftover.

It’s interesting you came back but I was a kid and I’d say for one last time, one for you. Ain’t sure I loved you anyway.

You said it was a game, oh! it was so much fun but today you wanna come back? I look hot? seems like you wanna play again. Come on now! Can’t stop, so shut your mouth.

We were too hot and we turned it up but today, I’m so far away, somewhere I wanted to be and if you don’t know the place then know it babe.

I gave into the fire like a failure but boy I couldn’t give it to you and I know, I know, I know it ain’t your fault.

Why are you so complicated? Oh! you look insane. Come on now! can’t stop so shut your mouth.

The fact says, ninety nine percent of exes tries to return when they see we’re here happy. So feelin’ this connection again? Damn! I don’t know why but we’re no more vibin’.

You troubled me to a point that I lost my fame, my self respect, I broke down and you laughed. Remember that sound? Wanna my boyfriend to read this today. Why? Am I sounding so cruel? Darling, I told you I’m not so easy to forget.

We were together spring ’13. I’ve to agree it was beautiful. They admired you and I see ’em too but today, don’t know why, I feel I was better when my walls were so high.

Hey, boy! I like it, yeah, I like it when you called me a leftover and I like it when today you’re makin’ an effort but darling leftovers are nightmares, you underestimated me but I ain’t so easy.

Being real babe, today not you and not those scars you gave bother me anymore. I’m head over heels in love with my man and darling you? you look so faded.

It’s interesting you came back but are you a kid? I’d say for one last time, one for you, can’t be as cruel as you were but don’t make an effort’ cause we broke up for a reason.

And look again, come together for the last time and look again, the tables have turned.


4 thoughts on “Leftovers

  1. Ahaana, this one of yours is so bold and sometimes it’s important to reply back even if it doesn’t bother anymore. I really admire you, you’ve been an inspiration darling. I always visit your blog to check if there’s a new post and I like the pattern that you post every month about a new emotional problem you just dealt with. I can sense it would’ve been tough but how strong are you to come back and tell us that I survived and so can you.
    Waiting for your next post in this diary of yours as Steve Jobs said you can connect the dots looking backward.
    Warm Regards

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Noah! I’m glad that finally someone noticed the pattern and yes, the goal is to help people and make them believe that good things will happen to them eventually as you quoted we can connect the dots backward because in the end everything makes sense.
      I’ll publish my next post soon 😊


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