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Even Blood Couldn’t Bind Us

I love chess and honestly nobody till now with whom I’ve played this game has ever defeated me the only person who did is my younger brother because I taught him the tactics to play this game.

I wasn’t from those lucky elder sisters who got to see their brother’s childhood. Our circumstances had separated us for eight years and he never really recognized me during our early childhood days. After our father’s death, we moved together with our Mom to a different place and we were still kids.

My Mom is a smart, beautiful and strong lady she up brought both of us in an environment full of love and knowledge and maybe this is the reason that both of us were more curious about ideas and less curious about people. We carried heavy bags full of books wherever we went and made our family functions more of educational tour. We collected our certificates and badges and counted that who’s got more. He has grown up with super independent ladies so somewhere he still knows the worth of freedom and standing on his own feet. At times, I’ve been strict with him and imposed my will as an elder and sometimes I’ve been friendly and funny too but got mocked by him well that’s what brothers do. The world was never our competitors we both had different ways to go. He wanted to be a software engineer and serve his nation forever and I wanted to be a space scientist and settle in a different country. We started together, he was my only friend, we played board games and studied together. We organized quizzes and explored other fields of interest too. He was too young when I gifted him his first email id but then with time we were facing the unbeatable truth of life, we were growing up.

He now wanted to play with boys in the society and lost his interest in studies and home. It was making me and my Mom furious every night but you can’t stop a growing boy. He now was more aggressive, dominating and a bit shy to sit and talk with his family. I knew where it was taking him but we just accepted the bitter truth of separation even in blood relations.

We belonged to a rich and famous family of the town but after my father’s death we were getting weaker financially and my mom had left all the properties to my father’s parents respecting his soul. We had no money and both of us were being educated in the costliest school in the city but now being concerned about our future my Mom decided to further educate the elder irrespective of my gender. That day was my night when the only competition of mine died. I tried to encourage him but he gave up and that was the first and last time I saw him crying as a helpless dreamer. He didn’t say a word and left the room. He came back in the evening smiled and accepted this challenge life just threw on his face because somewhere he wanted his sister to fly, he knew my love for my dreams and he sacrificed his glittering teenage days happily. I was numb all that I could see was his shattered dreams that day I didn’t say anything to anybody but somewhere I gave up on my dreams of being a space scientist and started looking towards the future as a software engineer who wanted to serve the nation and the world.

Time has tasted both of us but both of us have the same blood running in our veins and we ain’t giving up. All I could see is my seventeen years old brother deprived of his reason to live, caught in a noisy, crowded city, struggling everyday with a mask of smiling face without complaining and somewhere today he became an inspiration. The road of life may have separated us but tomorrow we will come back to the same place playing the same game with twinkling eyes and smiling face thanking life for this amazing story we have had .


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