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Twenty Eight Days Of Love

Baby, I always wanted you by my side. You were always there wiping my tears.

When you found I was unhappy you called me and started singing those 90’s songs and made me laugh. Baby, you made me believe in fairytale.

We watched those new released English songs together and dedicated to each other. I was in seventh heaven when you proposed me singing ‘Let Me’, by Zayn Malik.

And you said it was for the rest of our life.

I trusted you again with my heart and you did what you chose to do. You shot me everywhere on my body, you left no skin and left the blood to flow. But baby, I know you hate when I blame you.

You’ve got flaws but I embraced it as mine we worked together towards each other you wanted me to be successful and I wanted the same for you. You were my strength and I was working hard for you because little did I know love changes a person for good.

You remember the day you left me so that I can focus on my dreams and you had an accident but you didn’t call me. I was scared, I felt guilty for not being there for you.

Baby, this is why from the very next day I texted you often and wanted to talk before sleeping but you thought I was being too much available. How could you lose my value so easily when you said I’m the only one who cares.

Yet every time I was run straight to the core. Every kiss, every song and every step while talking to you. Everything was nothing when you left me all alone that day. Our life, our future in our hands. Like a stab or a wound I’ll get better if I can.

I gave you my love and you gave it all away. You love being alone and togetherness is a burden for you but how can I tell you that it’s the best feeling to live for someone else, to sacrifice and making people believe that true love does exist. I know it’s not the same, forever is the blame.

Baby, you’ve always left people clueless, you’ve never realized how tough it becomes. You’ve always chosen yourself over others. All I would say is my heart is now blue and I’m scared to carry it further because I know you’ll leave me too.

I’ll always be there whenever you need me but not as your lover anymore. I’m too a human and I’ve got no more skin left to be shot anymore.
I just wish you would’ve waited, stayed here. I wish you would’ve loved me the way I loved you. But now I could sense that I’m not the same girl anymore.

Wish I could show you that love is a blessing and not a burden. Wish I could show you how lucky you were that even if my time is priceless I was still managing it for you but you walked away because you didn’t want to stay and I was torn apart when you are there no more.

But baby I’m way too good at accepting changes, smiling that it happened and letting it go. Though you’ve used so much of my light I’ll still come back with the same grace and brightness.

I’m just leaving you and the thought of you behind, you apologized but right now I just need to clear my mind.

You made me an option and I thought you were mine. All the plans just faded away look to the future it became a history. 🔆


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