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The Heart Does Go On

“I’m lucky that I found what I love early in life and made it happen I have no regrets that I’m gonna die too soon”- Steve jobs.

Life is a not a game of being good at something which is not yours it’s a journey of searching the talent which is already within you. Who wants to die being unnamed? yes, that’s scary but who wants to die living someone else’s life? Don’t you want this? Don’t you think your life would’ve been different when no one else would’ve been watching you?

When I was a kid my Mom used to teach me really important lessons of life through short stories every night before sleeping and I kept listening to her very carefully though I couldn’t understand those complicated lessons of life but the stories were interesting. Now that I’m a grown up I understand all those lessons and learnt few. Even today those short stories help me to face every tough situation in my life when no one else can.

These are…

Believe in positivity. Believe that there’s someone who’s running this entire universe and is watching all of us. He won’t discriminate, he won’t cheat on you so no matter how cruel people be or how hard the time slaps, he is merciful and will always be there on the right time.

The entire universe is governed by simple laws of nature. The energy is conserved so if you’re honestly investing in something then one day you’ll definitely be paid and that will be yours, just yours no one else has to be credited for that.

Have you ever noticed why in every statues of God he’s smiling? Well that’s because he wants to convey that no matter where you are, whatever you’re going through deal with it smilingly and the problem will disappear. It actually happens.

A movie has so many characters the protagonist, antagonist, pedestrian, supporting characters and like I said so many. Similarly we humans are characters on the stage called “The World” now tell me isn’t it true that everyone wants to become the lead actor but is it possible? Is the lead character “the chosen one” ? No, the lead actor is the one who found out early in life that he wants to do this and struggled for it for long sleepless nights but that doesn’t mean the one who didn’t work so hard can’t do anything no matter which character you’re offered just make your scenes worth rewinding and that can be even more impressive than the lead actor.

Life is itself a biggest lie, a mirage. We’re taught about the sun, moon and stars. We’re taught about the the destination and the path. We’re taught that to get instant motivation follow successful people and their quotes. But the only truth is that our subconscious part of the brain is stupid. We become what we think and we start believing in these things so much that no matter who said “there’s is no shortcut to success”, we believe in him. Tell me have you ever tried a shortcut? I have tried shortcuts and not to get rid of the work faster but only because I was so curious that I wanted to learn it quickly and it has always worked for me until last few years when someone on Quora suggested that the entrance exam is tough and the working method shouldn’t be the same. We shouldn’t believe in someone blindfolded just because they’re successful, they’re successful because they followed their working rules. Don’t try to be someone for the most important events in your life.

Humans are sent on Earth with a purpose. There will always be someone ahead of you and someone behind you. Don’t compete or get jealous with the person ahead of you. He’s running his own race admire his passion for his dreams and work on yours if you cross him give him a high-five and say, “Bruh, in the world of dead brains I’m glad that I met someone like you thank you for making it interesting”, and move ahead. And never ignore the person who’s less privileged than you. The fun in life can never be real if you haven’t yet done something for them. I don’t use earphones while walking on the road instead I just keep noticing everyone around, the poor kid staring at a rich kid in her Mom’s lap, she scares me to the thought of what when she grows up? She’ll be sold, raped or maybe she’ll join a brothel to satisfy her appetite and then she may get HIV AIDS, she’ll be thrown out of that place also, where will she go then? And then I come back to this kid staring at the rich kid. Never lose a chance to make them happy.

We’re lucky that we’ve got an opportunity to prove ourselves so don’t let your dreams stress you out to the point of hating it. Take it easy. Don’t drain yourself with so many cups of coffee, of course, it’s fun, being workaholic is fun, working for your dream is fun but that shouldn’t bring big changes in your life. I have an exam just after twenty days and it’s really important but I’m not stressed because that makes things worst. I believe in myself, I work hard and still do the work I always do like writing this blog.

And this is the last one, early morning when I step out of my place, when everyone is sleeping I find this tea seller outside. He’s always before time. One day just in curiosity I asked him how much does he earn in the whole day? He said fifty-hundred rupees. I asked, is it enough for the whole family? He said smilingly, we’re used to it and we enjoy it infact sometimes we also donate the extra coins to the beggars and sometimes we lose these coins in predicting the winning team in Cricket matches. Happiness is a choice and pursuit of happiness is never successful. Life is indeed uncertain but the heart does go on.


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