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Being Unapologetic

The time was off? I was drunk? I was provoked? No, I was living it and I’m unapologetic.

I loved you. You mocked my feelings. I moved on. Wait! if I loved you how can I move on so easily? But I did. I’m unapologetic.

I was having a bad day. You were annoying, I didn’t mean it? I’m unapologetic.

I couldn’t help you because I couldn’t help myself. I should’ve been there but I wasn’t. I’m unapologetic.

I had a bad childhood. My experiences in life have never tasted sweet. Why don’t I keep crying over it? I’m over it. I’m unapologetic.

Why didn’t I tell anyone? I’m running my race, living my part and I didn’t find anyone worthy enough. I’m unapologetic.

I pretend to be busy. I love being portrayed as a workaholic. I’m ignoring your messages and phone calls? I’m unapologetic.

I believe in women having curves, walking so mean, smokey-eyed. Society didn’t approve. I’m unapologetic.

I stand with the truth so even if my beloved is wrong at some point, baby, I’m unapologetic.

If I do something which you consider “shameful”, it’s okay I ain’t hiding the truth, I don’t like mask, I’m unapologetic.

Maturity isn’t defined by how old are we it is defined by the lessons we learnt from the most bitter experiences we’ve had. A fifty years old can learn from a fifteen years old.

Well, sometimes we don’t know how to react to a situation and then we learn, we learn from every silly mistake, sometimes we learn it in a bit harsher way than our seniors did, that’s where it differs but we expect everyone to understand it from our perspective.

No, that’s not always the solution sometimes we need to think as a third person. People are different, they think differently. Some learn after you, some before but that doesn’t mean they learn after time or they learn before time they just learn on their time. No one is always right. I’m not completely mature, that’s highly overrated so I became an author.

We all are non ideal and that’s why it’s so beautiful. Think as a third person, if that’s right, it’s okay, that’s right. You don’t have to explain just practice what you preach and remember you’re running your own race so be unapologetic.


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