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Black Is Deep Enough.

Yes, I’m here, watching the waves, watching the stars. The blue sky is even more beautiful when it’s dark. Black isn’t the lonely colour anymore. Things are same, it’s me who has changed.

As a girl sometimes I regret being bold and frank with people who are still living under the shallow beliefs of culture and shyness and expect you to be a showpiece of innocence and respect. I can’t join the crowd who are with you even if it’s lonely I choose to be the way I am.

It’s snow everywhere but the sunlight is nowhere. Oh! yes, I’m the lover of the stars I don’t crave for the moon anymore. I swim in the Atlantic ocean. No, I have no idea of the airflow.

I no longer care about their opinions, it’s snow everywhere. Even if I’m going against the established image of a girl who is scared of messing with a guy who’s wrong, laughing with a guy who’s funny, being frank with a guy. It’s okay I’m still going.

My eyes are deep enough to show I’m intimidating and my messy brown hair may excite you but my Jeans are stainless now. I flaunt my flaws, unveil the beauty, O wanderer!

I’m intimidating and sometimes I may give you attention but that doesn’t mean I’m cheap, characterless and easy. I’m just too lit for your brain to except the beauty of being real.

Accompany me if you wish to, accompany me if you’re lost and if you fall in love, come with me leaving everything behind. Let’s walk together so far that you lose yourself to me. Let’s move to the Atlantic now if you find yourself here, yes, you’re in love.

The black love and black is deep enough.

I don’t believe in love at first sight but if you do, let me see how far you can come with me and how real you can be. Even if in the situation of being alone you never let go of the beauty of being together… you’re the one.


9 thoughts on “Black Is Deep Enough.

  1. Perfect!! That’s the word for you. The girl who has seen so much in her life and still stands tall in every situation. You’re an inspiration. I don’t know about others but for me you are. And this has always captivated me! Let them say whatever they want to. You’re the best. And remember that always.
    Love you!

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