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When I Met An Incomplete Soul

In the process of growing older, I learnt to suppress my wishes deep inside my heart but even today I can’t deny myself that the most beautiful wish I had was to have someone in my life who’s afraid to lose me. I never imagined that this was going to be fulfilled in such a surprising way, it came out to be a girl who told me how important I was for her.
Years ago, we students from different places in India, landed in a very different world of competition. With dreams in our eyes, we stepped in. We didn’t know if it was going to change our destiny forever. I still ask, where did we go wrong?

It was dark. Amidst the darkness, came she, an introvert from the most modern city of India and not at all so modern and interesting. We just had some required conversation. One day when I had nothing to do I kept staring at objects around me and then at her, Oh! I noticed her natural beauty for the first time and as I always do, I gave her a complement. She reacted in a very awkward way she was actually very shy and she said, ‘nobody ever gave such complements to me, though I had so many friends’.
People always made fun of her weight but she behaved as if she wasn’t aware of what they said. I always noticed her from another corner, I thought why isn’t she reacting though I could figure out she was really hurt but the best part about her was, she never did anything to impress someone neither she chose to lose her extra belly fat nor she was planning to get a makeover in the upcoming years.
It was six months already, everybody complained about the competition, lack of time and grades. No matter how happy the person seems to be we all knew that everybody was depressed and tired of running in this race. Stress was now a regular thing, to let go of this we both sat in a corner and talked about useless topics…so you see this was where the trouble began.

We started getting lower ranks and the saddest part was it wasn’t affecting us anymore or maybe we were hiding it. She once told me about her last school and in the flow she told me how she had a crush on her childhood best friend with whom she used to go almost everywhere, share anything and talk about nothing. She spent ten beautiful years with him and was dying to propose him but that one day, like her worst nightmare, came a girl who her best friend proposed. She was mocked for having feelings for him. Her best friend made her feel rejected and so worthless that these memories left a big scar on her forever.

So you see, this was the reason why she never showed interest in any guy around. It made her so negative that she never talked positive about anybody and the worst part was back bitching. Her temper was really worst, she bad mouthed everybody who tried to mess with her even if he/she was actually trying to be friendly. Her mom said to me that only you can control her and that’s when a girl like me who never wanted friendship vibes around herself decided to step in.

We used to scold each other to study. She used to bring lunch for me, we ate ice creams everyday after school, we went on shopping together and while returning we used to drink coke and behave like we’re not in senses. She was so crazy that one night in excitement she went to a boys hostel and started shouting a classmate’s name who lived there. Those nights were beautiful, we made memories. So this is how a year passed.

Now in the beginning of this new year something unusual happened and thank God it happened she started talking to everyone smilingly. She made new friends and meanwhile there was another character entering in her life. I was already familiar with this guy but she actually hated him for no reason.

They started talking for hours on phone and somewhere she was developing a different feeling for him about which she was herself not aware. The lunch breaks, when we talked nonsense, now was reserved only for one topic- ‘He’. I could feel this sudden change in the direction of the air. It was a strange combination, a girl who had a lot to say, who repeated her jokes and a boy who could truly understand her. They were so comfortable in sharing something with each other which they never shared with anybody else before.

I thought finally it’s time to turn my head back and move in a direction I came from because there was someone to care for her whom I trusted. My work was now over. I came to her life because I knew she was a tree in search of water, she had wings which was needed to be ignited. It would’ve been great if that boy would have said yes to this love story but he just wanted to be her best friend because according to him friendship was the only relation which could bind them together when circumstances set them apart.
And I as a character who had to leave one day happily turned back. Her nights after then never made her feel so weak.

This was how she learnt three important lessons about life that brought her to a place from where she would never like to go back…never in the past…never again.

  • Believe in love no matter how hard it kicks you. Love will find a way.
  • Smile at everybody around even if they’re bad with you. You don’t know when you’ll melt a soul.
  • Learn to hug goodbyes, it’s beautiful.

19 thoughts on “When I Met An Incomplete Soul

  1. OMG!!! Piku!! This is the best gift I’ve ever received. Nobody ever cared fo me.. the way you did, you’ve always brought out the best in me. And how could you even think that I anyone else can take your place or “you’ve completed you part” no!! Never!! I’ll be with you as long as we both shall live (chipku hoon bahut itne jaldi picha nahi chodungi)😂😂😂😂. You’ve completed me. A long lost part of me, a missing piece that I finally found. Love you the mostestestest!!!!!

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