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Vibrate Higher- Let The Dead Leaves Drop

Negativity can only affect you if you are on the same frequency. The way is long and the time is less if you start kicking all the stones that comes your way you’ll never reach the destination for which you’re sacrificing your comfort zone. We feel helpless when we step out and meet fake people whose only intention is to torture us mentally and in this world of seven billion people almost half of them are monsters with friendly faces but that doesn’t mean that everyday you’ve to yell at your destiny and lose everything that you have.

Growing up doesn’t mean growing old it means learning from the worst situations and facing it. The environment around us is not created by the people living around us it’s created when we let go of people, thoughts and situations that poison our well being.

Commit choices that will help you release the great expression of your unique purpose. It’s okay if you’ve been traveling in the wrong direction my dear, you can always turn around. Happiness is defined by the choices we make. Let me tell you my personal experience, I wrote my last post, “A limb that won’t fall from the family tree” when I was really hurt emotionally.

I was that kinda girl who gets badly affected from the negative vibes. I had a serious fight with my roommate and I was already pressurised because of my studies. The time was against me and I was feeling tortured. Whenever I found a solution they created problems but then I decided that I won’t react. Let them do whatever they want.

They said filthy words about me but I kept quiet and remember quiet is not always weak. I chose not to fight with those who don’t even matter because my temper is really bad when I start replying I become the teller of unfortunate truths but this time I didn’t disrespect or humiliate them for whatever they did. I treated them like the stones in my beautiful way and I didn’t explain anything to anyone because when you’re right you just don’t need to exaggerate it.

When you don’t give a damn nobody else can make you weak, you just be good to everyone because your behavior says all about you and their behavior says enough about them. I’m sharing this because I’m at peace in my present and I’ve learnt that in the end, nobody matters except the dreams left unfulfilled.


12 thoughts on “Vibrate Higher- Let The Dead Leaves Drop

  1. You don’t even how much you’ve inspired me with this one. It’s true we really don’t need to chase the “unesessary” people who just become obstacles in our way. There are many who love us immensely.
    I love you..and thanks for inspiring me always.
    Thanks for helping me always when I couldn’t find a way out and lose all my hopes. :*

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    1. The world is too big but out of so many people we meet only few selected ones there must be some reasons right..! maybe they do bad with us but it’s because of them that eventually we grow up with our best experiences.
      Thank you so much for giving me courage to stand up whenever I fall😊

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      1. Absolutely. People come into our lives for a reason, some for a good reason some for a bad. We do learn from them but if we make the same mistakes over and over again that is our own wrong doing.
        We all deserve to have happiness in life we just need to be pushed and do the right things rather than the wrong.

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  2. अगर हिंदी में कहूँ तो ‘शानदार ‘ प्रेरणा (इंस्पिरेशन)।
    पूरी पोस्ट में एक शब्द आया HAPPINESS वाह!
    एक शब्द जिसकी Defination जानने की कभी इच्छा नही
    बस इच्छा है हमेशा महसूस करते रहने की ।
    So thank you .

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    1. This comment made my day. Thank you for expressing in Hindi ..even I wanted to reply in this beautiful mother tongue but unfortunately my Hindi grammar is little weak…I will work on it. Thanks again!
      Good Wishes😊

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  3. Hey this one’s of yours is so beautifully written. I respect for being quite, it’s hard to act quite when we know things. It matters alot and destroys us upto certain limits but in the end we only have to act bold. I have joined your fam here. Good one.

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    1. Exactly, it’s hard to control your temper especially when you’re pointlessly targeted but when you manage to do so and don’t pay so much attention to them they aren’t going to affect you anyway 😊❤
      Thanks 💞


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