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Women Like You Drown Oceans

Roses are not always red
Violets aren’t exactly blue.
We live in a world where pretty means beautiful, it means lovable, it means smart and sometimes it means blessed. An average looking girl is like she’s punished by God. We’ve so many fairness cream I don’t know why fairness is eye-candy and black means you’ve a tough life.

Our society is so much concerned about beauty that when an acid attack victim Laxmi Agarwal decided to live they suggested her to commit suicide because no one would marry her and she’s a curse on her family. She got no job because the employees were scared of her face. I pity them for they’re cursed with their own imagination.

We share those posts which says we should respect a girl and give her a chance to fly but still we can’t love someone who was raped. We don’t blame those rapist and attackers, we blame the girl. We don’t care about her career we care about her marriage. I mean why the hell is it mandatory for her to start a family in a country with the highest population.

In our movies, an actress is just for making the scenes look attractive though she has the ability to do more than that and Gal Gadot proved it to everyone. A girl is body shammed if she wears something which is considered “too revealing” by the society but if this society is well-mannered then why do they see those revealed parts I mean there’s much more too see above her cleavage. Look at her face and try to know about her beautiful thoughts and not about her character it’s not affecting you in anyway.

If a girl gets pregnant before marriage she’s disowned by her parents, society but that boy has no worries. After Hindu marriage ceremony there’s a way of testing if the girl is virgin and if she’s not, she’s thrown out of her house and sometimes she’s burnt alive. The interesting part is there’s no such system for boys because for a wife her husband is considered to be Lord, she can’t even dare to doubt him.

She is not looking for a knight she is looking for a sword but we won’t give it to her after all this world is ruled by the decision of the majorities and trust me they really care for Justin Bieber live concert. I salute Miss Laxmi Agarwal who wore a smile like loaded guns even though she went through the toughest journey.

She didn’t cry when her eyes were stitched without giving her a pain killer. She didn’t hide herself in a dark room when her brother was suffering from tuberculosis. She stepped out in search of a job when her father died of heart attack and there was no earning member left in her family. She was insulted many times, people looked at her like she was an alien but she didn’t commit suicide. She fought and fought.

Today, the whole world is reading about her. I thought my life is tough kudos to you girl. We should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done and when they can’t love us, can’t respect us, they’ve no rights to judge us and we don’t have to give them that right. Fight for your freedom and celebrate being you because women like you drown oceans.


11 thoughts on “Women Like You Drown Oceans

  1. Such true words.
    The majority, I am afraid to state, lives and judges as if human growth and expanding consciousness has passed them by.
    I think many need a radical push to get out of their set thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We don’t even know from where this “set thinking” starts and maybe this is the reason why it’s scary. Thanks for supporting.


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