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The Times We Had.

There was a time when Grandpa used to wake me up before the sounds of Church bells but now when I look back I keep crawling on my bed all day. Maybe because life is not so interesting and as I’m an adult there’s nobody responsible for my irresponsibility.
Gone are the days when we used to go on a long morning walk and talk about almost every eye-catching objects that crossed our way but now even five minutes with someone force me to talk about this stressful life and maturity. It was the time when I used to believe that singing Rain Rain Go Away will really stop the rain and Santa Claus does exist. The time when Mom used to award me five rupees for completing my homework and I used to by ten “not so tasty” candies only because the quantity was more.

The times when festival meant desserts and new dresses.

The times when we didn’t know the uses of smartphones and met new friends offline.

The  times when life had everything to be curious about. 

The times when smiling was not a need it was a habit. 

Yes, those were the times we had…

I’m an adult now. No, wait! I’m an “adult girl”. I’m not allowed to play cricket with my younger brothers because​ the society finds it shameless. I can’t wear my trouser and go outside, they expect me to wear something classy as I’m an adult. I can’t demand something from my parents, I can’t even discuss my problems with them they will scold me for behaving like a kid. When I was two-three years old, I cried almost every minute and they calmed me down. They loved when I laughed for no reasons but now I’m an adult.

I find silence beautiful though I miss that careless smile.

I find maturity classy though I find those stupidity funny.

I love being workaholic though I want to set myself free for a while….

The oddest thing is when we look back at something we thought we knew but find out the truth of it was completely different. After few years, we will see our ex-boyfriend getting married and having children..that would be painful, you know. Though we move on after years but somewhere it really does and we fake a smile for the beautiful and complicated story life gave us.

Fifty years later we will face the hardest part of life, old age. When we lose these memories, when we see our friends dying and wait for our turn. It’s true we enter dumb and we leave dumb the difference is just that when we came in this world we were curious about the colors and life but when we leave, we somewhere feel like…Oh my God! it amazed really did! 😅


6 thoughts on “The Times We Had.

  1. Hey buddy.
    It’s all about choices we make.
    Past may be indelible but the beauty of life is, present & future is in our hand.
    There is a choice, we can repent on our past happenings & yearn for some beautiful past moments expecting them happen again & waste present brooding over it.
    Or we could realize that we’re the creator of our own life & work to create what we want.
    There’s much to see & learn in this world.
    Much fascinating, much wonderful & much beautiful 😊

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    1. Thanks a lot! I write whatever I’ve experienced and the lessons I learnt from those toughest times in my life so that it could help someone who’s going through the same situation.
      Great to know that it was really helpful 😊

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