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There are scars behind her wrinkles.

To all the mothers in this world who spent their life thinking about the future of their husbands and children.
Wait for few minutes and look back. You’ve given enough of your life. Your husband is earning and can manage his life even in the worst situation. Your children have learnt so much about life to live without depending on you.

Where will you go if he leaves you for another lovely lady?

Where will you go and wipe your tears because your little babies are too busy.

What will you eat because you’ve no ways to earn?

How will you face the mirror every morning with scars given by your own heart?

He was so weak that he wanted to prove his strength by crushing a woman and every time you can’t prove it to your society because violence are not always physical. Divorcees are not respected in the society we live because you dare to fight for your self respect. You can’t marry again if you’re a widow because you may get a characterless tag. You’re suppressing yourself because of them and giving them power to suppress another. You don’t want to listen bad about you from the people in your society but you can bear those belts from your family. This is a place where if a girl is raped, people worry about her marriage but they don’t even think about her career. After divorce you can claim your husband’s property but why can’t you earn yourself and stop bowing before them. Invest in yourself first! do not tame the wolf inside you just because you are dominated by someone who himself is being ruled by drugs.
It’s time to be young again.

Go get a new hair color❤

Go Live❤


8 thoughts on “There are scars behind her wrinkles.

  1. This touched my heart…I love the way you think and your beautiful writing style. You create light and joy around you and your blog reflects this! And I agree…being a mother is not about renouncing at yourself, but about being a role model, an inspiration and the best emotional support for the children. That’s what I try to be for my daughters.
    Your written voice carries hope and love into the world. Thank you for this! And thank you for following my blog, I’m honored!

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    1. Thank you so much.
      I can’t tell you how happy I’m.
      This post is for all those mothers like you who can be the perfect role model for their babies.

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    1. We all need love. We want our family to be happy but they should also respect our dreams. We get one life to live and we women can’t sacrifice everything for people who don’t even value us. All the best for your life.
      Love and respect 😊

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  2. I don’t know in what perspective this post is written but yes, a woman married or divorced must have her individuality, her goals, her way of living & earning.
    Yes compromises are done, it’s​ in her nature.
    But self should be kept safe & worked continuously.
    This Post somewhere touched my heart, may be because I could relate it to mine. Thanks ☺
    Let me know your name buddy. ☺

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    1. Actually it’s somewhere related to what I’ve seen since childhood. I failed to understand the reason why they bear something which is really unbearable and why do they need to compromise. This post wasn’t just for women but also for those men who can give her the freedom she deserves.
      Thanks for understanding 😊
      Warm regards

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  3. If I could guess then, for her, her children & husband becomes most important people of her life to whom she don’t want to disappoint.
    Rather it must be left till we come to the same platform, may be on that day we’ll understand her to the fullest.
    Welcome priyanka, you write good, keep up 👍

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