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This phase of life.

I’m at the most crucial point of my career, “Do or Die”.

It hasn’t been even three days after my board exams but I’m not allowed to rest because in India, it’s never satisfactory for people. They say, you’ve to carry your board certificate throughout your life so work hard and then they say this board result won’t help you to get admission so keep preparing for the next and then colleges, jobs. Where’s life???

You cry overnight. You drag yourself. No matter what just go on!!! I fail whenever I try to find my careless smile. Everytime it’s the time running in my mind. I just want to throw everything around and shout out loud. I want to escape. I want to close my eyes and lay down without worries. Can it be better ever?The competition is permanent but life is transient I want to make it the best and for that I’ve to go through the worst. Is it for granted that after working so much I’ll see that bright day? Should I trust my tomorrow?

Why my tomorrow is a fear?

why is it so dark?

why I don’t feel like it’s me?

why is everything running so fast?

Uhhh! just stop this race. Live & Let Live ✌

Why everybody on this planet is judged? And who are you to judge? Who gave you that right? Who made these rules to judge? And why do we still follow these rules?

I love my subjects. I want to get educated but do I only deserve it when I’m a topper in that subject? I’m a trained dancer, a painter. I can write so beautiful but in this world the most reputed job is reading books and then proving people that you’ve read it.

Change the concept that pressurising is the way because it’s not!



Life sometimes throws you at a place where you just can't blindly follow the dreams you had as a kid. People complain that I leave them clueless but they never noticed that the clues were here because this is a place where in spite of everything I've been honest. I've been soft and harsh too, I've been moody and sometimes I just didn't explain myself anymore but this is a place where I find escape. This blog has helped so many readers to face their personal problems and with this hope I'm carrying it forward. The day I stop posting anymore, believe that finally I just gave up.

6 thoughts on “This phase of life.

  1. Just take a deep breath. Well, life is pretty much all about challenges. You are going to come across lots of ups and downs in this one life. Just focus on the positive aspect of things. Just live in the moment. Cheer up. And, all the best for your exams. 🙂

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    1. yeah..I’ve no other options. That’s really sweet of you for helping me with your gentle words…
      we should keep running for the best ’cause one day we’re gonna look back and smile 🙂

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