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You’re My Beginning.


My human diary

There’s a simple pleasure in accepting true things. It’s not wrong to make the first move when you’re sure about it because acceptance will be beautiful and rejection will make you stronger. Love is not just a word it’s a different world of poetry. I can never say that I love you forever because I’ve no idea where my road will take me but I’m sure about today that I love you more than I did yesterday. I’m a teenager, for me love meant a fear of living alone and I can’t describe it even today because love is beyond descriptions.

Some people love to brag about cheating on someone and counting the number of partners they’ve slept with but we won’t drag a relationship when we’re not sure about it because seeking joy at the cost of someone’s feelings is insensitive. If you’re sure, wait for that someone who’s worth waiting. I’ve read somewhere,

Just let him go if he loves you he will come back.

He is my end and my beginning.

Even when I lose I’m winning.

Hey, hold my hand ’cause all of me loves all of you. (All of me❀)




Life sometimes throws you at a place where you just can't blindly follow the dreams you had as a kid. People complain that I leave them clueless but they never noticed that the clues were here because this is a place where in spite of everything I've been honest. I've been soft and harsh too, I've been moody and sometimes I just didn't explain myself anymore but this is a place where I find escape. This blog has helped so many readers to face their personal problems and with this hope I'm carrying it forward. The day I stop posting anymore, believe that finally I just gave up.

8 thoughts on “You’re My Beginning.

      1. Nice connecting to you anyways. Continue writing and try not to worry about things which are less important than you, its not easy I know, I have experienced it!(almost the same) But that’s life. Be happy for what’s with you.

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  1. Love is fearless, it’s a feeling from the heart! Love doesn’t want to be bound, everyone is entitled to love! Love is universal, travels through time … It never stops! At the end of your path, love will still accompany you …
    Lovely regards, Heidi

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