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Empty Days

Everybody for once or twice in their life, must’ve gone through those days when we do not want to share our pain because it feels like we’re mocking ourselves. We listen to motivational and inspirational speeches but it never really works. When we want to enjoy but we get overwhelmed.

When they come to us whenever they need our help and for the rest of the time we are left all alone. When we are understanding and our fellas behaves as if they need a chance to prove us wrong, to make us feel like it’s always our mistake.

When slowly and then gradually the pearls comes out of the thread.

When memories are stains.

When silence is a shield.

When tomorrow is a fear.

When beauty seems fake and ugliness attracts.

When we are the most negative person filled with questions.

when we want to live but we just can’t help it.

When smile is a part of your wardrobe before going out wear it and after coming back tear it. The road is never straight. The moment I feel really happy there is a fear inside laughing at me as if I’ll never get what I want…love, happiness. I’ve always been a giver. I apologized whenever I was wrong and sometimes even if I was right. I forgive and forget. I was always ready to help those for whom I was just a source and I really don’t regret because it helped me to know this world even better. I never walk with the thorn pricked in my leg; it pains. I always remove it and restart but the scar is always there to remind me the hell I went throughout the journey. Mom says I’m insane but her daughter is strong enough to bear it all alone.

I’ve no rights to question, ‘why me?’ because there are many going through the same pain and some even the worst. I’ve no complaints but yes I’m hurt and why should I cry it was meant to happen. so just let it go because the past is not in your tomorrow.


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