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‘Cause they’ll be there forever.

Like every fellow human beings my life has centered around the wish to find happiness. I always wanted that perfect someone in my life. Here to confess,  I’ve never respected the precious love which I already have, of course, my mother. I lost my father at an early age and for some reasons I proudly said that I hate my family. I was hurt by the words and action of those temporary people in my life but I always tried to impress them and when it came to my own family, I made it a new excuse to accuse them.

My mother being a single parent sacrificed all her wishes and dreams for my better future but I called it her responsibility and not her love. I hardly acknowledged​ her publicly because I was ashamed of introducing her as my mother. I didn’t go home in vacations. She used to cry on phone calls but it hardly affected me in any way. Whenever​ my family members came to meet me I took my earphone and went out. Still they were the one who prayed for me to live the best life.

In the beautiful words of Mr. Shahrukh Khan, If you want to live life, it’s best to begin to respect the gift of love right now. As children, our first teacher of this acceptance are our parents. They are unconditional and forgiving punching bags.

Whatever we do, whichever mistake we make, however we react to them our parents are our best friends. And if ever any of us are in trouble of any kind they will always come good. We kids are their greatest source of happiness.They just want us to respect that feeling and nothing.

If we’re unable to receive the love they give us in whatever form it arrives even if it’s in the form of tight slap then when we become a parent, we’ll end up having to learn this lesson somewhat more harshly from teachers we give birth to those are our kids. Don’t listen to them, fool them if you must.. a bit of lying is also welcome but make sure you cherish what you’ve because when you don’t have them you’ll miss someone to be rude to, someone you can take for granted, someone to say and do whatever you wish with, you miss the comfort of being loved unconditionally.


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