Truth Is Beyond Your Emotions

Friendship is an ideal relationship. The one whom you call as your friend can be called as an acquaintance, know the difference. I’m not being negative I’m just being practical. In this real world nobody is your real friend. Loyalty changes with needs and memories are lost with time. Meet your best friend after five years you won’t feel the same. Life is a narrow road with many branches you’ll not always walk with your friends. You came alone you will go alone. Emotions works in your happiness but never in your emptiness. We all are busy.

Time is the best teacher. Grow up, expect less, keep helping and keep smiling.



Life sometimes throws you at a place where you just can't blindly follow the dreams you had as a kid. People complain that I leave them clueless but they never noticed that the clues were here because this is a place where in spite of everything I've been honest. I've been soft and harsh too, I've been moody and sometimes I just didn't explain myself anymore but this is a place where I find escape. This blog has helped so many readers to face their personal problems and with this hope I'm carrying it forward. The day I stop posting anymore, believe that finally I just gave up.

7 thoughts on “Truth Is Beyond Your Emotions

    1. We can’t always have same thoughts. It depends on our experiences and setbacks in life. I’ve seen the worst part of something called friendship and maybe it wasn’t friendship but I expected it to be and I gave my best. I was hurt by whatever I went through maybe you’re too blessed that you’ve good friends. I’m happy to know that you believe in it. When it is real, it gives us power and support.
      Warm regards 😊

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