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They know she laughs for no reason but she can’t sleep without crying overnight.

They know when she shouts, she doesn’t care where she is but she can’t smile without sitting alone for hours.

They know she can’t be a simple Indian girl but she can’t be rude to anyone.

They know she is not so calm and composed but she is the most understanding girl you’ll ever meet.

They know she hangs out like anything but the hangover still remains painful.

They know she is not someone to be easily understood but she is an open book of life.

They know she is the strongest but she always needs a paper to share her pain.

They know she abuses straight forward but when she speaks to the right person, she is the sweetest.

They know she hates love stories but she had once loved someone deeply.

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Life sometimes throws you at a place where you just can't blindly follow the dreams you had as a kid. People complain that I leave them clueless but they never noticed that the clues were here because this is a place where in spite of everything I've been honest. I've been soft and harsh too, I've been moody and sometimes I just didn't explain myself anymore but this is a place where I find escape. This blog has helped so many readers to face their personal problems and with this hope I'm carrying it forward. The day I stop posting anymore, believe that finally I just gave up.

9 thoughts on “She 

    1. True! We girls do not need permission to live our life on our conditions. We’re free to do so, we just need to believe this.. people will judge either way.
      Thank you so much for your support 😊

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